week without a car

When my boss challenged me to go a week without a car, I cheerfully accepted and said I’d do it the following month. The following month I scheduled for a couple of weeks out, then delayed again.

No car at all? How will I run errands on the weekends? What if I have to pick something up on the weekend?

This is the week I suck it up and quit my car. I parked the old Pontiac in the garage – and pulled out the Schwinn. Appropriate, I thought, for Des Moines’ Bike to Work Month.

This morning I tried out one of DART’s bike racks. I bet the driver didn’t even know it was my first time. They’re not as intimidating as you might think. (Check out this video on how to use the racks. It’s pre-DART but still relevant.)

Peddling the old brown five-speed on the streets downtown made me a little uneasy at first but I quickly found some quieter streets and started to feel comfortable, remembering my hand signals for left, right and stop from my days driving a motorcycle. I should probably buy a mirror so I can see cars coming up behind me.

We’ll see how the week progresses.