arrgh! wish I’d taken the bus

Drove the car to work this morning because I think I’m going to have to stay late to finish up the agency’s monthly newsletter.

An accident backed up I-235, so I turned off on 31st — only to run into a detour, long waits at stop lights and, of course, lousy drivers. I arrived at work annoyed, distracted and wishing I could get that half-hour of my life back. I could have been reading on the bus.

In my frustration I did come up with an idea for an ad for the side of the bus. It would be a picture of bus riders with arrows pointing to a few of them, saying: “He’s checking his email. She’s reading a good book. And the guy over there is napping.”

That’s the thing about the bus. For many riders, it doesn’t replace their car — it supplements it. And I tell you, while I genuinely enjoy driving my car on occasion, the morning commute is not one of those times.