a TV show for you transit geeks

This is for you real transit geeks out there.

Tonight the National Geographic Channel’s series “World’s Toughest Fixes” will air an episode about the Philadelphia transit agency. The cameras roll as the agency’s employees fix railway power lines and stave off flooding in a tunnel beneath a river. Click here for details and previews.

Granted, DART doesn’t have the drama of high-voltage power lines and under-river tunnels. But I’m thinking a clever reporter or journalism student or documentary maker with a few hours and a video camera could make an interesting piece about what the mechanics here do every day to keep the buses on the road.

It’s nothing for buses to have hundreds of thousands of miles on them, and they require constant maintenance, especially as they age. If DART’s operators are the agency’s face, the mechanics are its backbone. They’re not seen by the public, but the whole system would collapse without them.