is this the future of DART technology?


As many of you know, DART is working to have GPS units installed on its buses. DART is current soliciting proposals from contractors to do the work, and they could be installed and ready to use by the public by 2012. Namely, riders will be able to get real-time information on bus locations sent right to their cell phones.

We wish it could happen sooner, too, but these things take time. Meantime, check out what might be possible when it’s up and running.

This web page features the real-time whereabouts of the underground trains of London. It was created by an independent web developer using open data.

I keep hearing Des Moines is home to many techno-types, and I’ve met a few. Let’s hope some of them are also transit geeks, because we’d like to make the data stream available for them to play with so they can make smart-phone apps and web pages like this.