‘let’s do this. let’s do this in Des Moines’

Dear riders:

A couple of months ago Adam Hammes of Urban Ambassadors approached DART with a proposal. One of Urban Ambassadors’ board members, Drew Maifeld, had come across a series of three photographs taken in Muenster, Germany, that offer a powerful illustration of how much roadway cars take up compared to bicyclists or transit riders.

They thought this was a great too for promoting alternative transportation in Iowa, but they weren’t content to use the photo from Germany. They wanted their own. Adam recalled Drew telling him, “We should do this. We should do this in Des Moines.”

Take a look at the photo for yourself and consider how much planning would have to go into it.

But it was a cool idea, and Adam and Drew proved more than able to walk the talk. They assembled a team of partners including DART and put together a game plan. Now, they’re looking for volunteers to be in the photo. The shoot is scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 8, on East Locust between 4th and 6th, with the Capitol to be framed in the background.

Click here to check out their Facebook event page. Here’s how they describe it:

You can be a Partner or a Volunteer! Contact Adam Hammes <adamhammes@gmail.com> or (515) 491-0706 to get plugged in.

Urban Ambassadors is bringing together sustainable transportation advocates in Greater Des Moines to recreate the famous Munster, Germany photo (see profile pic) in our fair city. Plus, have a fun after-party to network and meet crazy, interesting, fellow residents!

We need YOUR help to re-brand all forms of alternative transportation as a cause to advocate for, by everyone, not just bus riders and bicyclists. The benefits are many. Having the Capitol backdrop and framed by the East Village will make this a photo to remember.

The social media blitz before and after will also add to the viral spread of this photo and promotion of Des Moines and the partners that make this photo happen!

Watch the video below to hear the idea as pitched by Adam: