happening now: online petition drive for investing in public transit

Good morning, riders.

Allow me to pass along a petition that landed in my inbox yesterday afternoon favoring  more federal investment in public transit. It was from the American Public Transportation Association and read: “Join us in urging Congress to increase federal funding by passing a long-term surface transportation bill by signing the national public transportation petition. APTA will present the petition to members of Congress Wednesday, September 22. So hurry and sign today.”

Click here to sign the petition. It asks for your name; city, state and zip code;  email address; and, if you wish, a brief comment. This is what I wrote when I signed: “It saves my family money, reduces my carbon footprint and eliminates the stress from my morning commute.”

I have to say, it feels good to express an opinion publicly. Back when I was a reporter for The Des Moines Register, I wouldn’t even think of signing a petition or in any way airing my views. Join a Facebook Group dedicated to reading banned books? Sorry, I might be reporting on someone trying to ban books from a local library. But now I am free to stand up for what I believe in, and I won’t take for granted the chance to do so.


1 thought on “happening now: online petition drive for investing in public transit

  1. I signed the petition because I work with the aging population. Many could not get to the senior meal site or out for grocery shopping if it weren’t for public transportation. As our US population ages, it will become even more important to have public transportation options. Driving just isn’t safe as eye sight and stamina diminish. Not being able to go where one wants to go, adds to feelings of isolation and depression.

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