grimes to dart: we’re in

Good afternoon, riders.

Careful readers of the agenda for tonight’s DART Commission meeting will catch this tidbit of good news: “Rescission of the City of Grimes Withdrawal Request.”

Yes, you read that double-negative correctly: Grimes is staying with DART.

In a letter dated September 22, Mayor Thomas Armstrong notified DART Chair Angela Connolly that Grimes would rescind its November 2009 letter stating its intention to withdraw the city as a member of DART. A portion of the property taxes paid by residents in DART’s 19 member cities go toward public transit, an important source of revenue for DART.

In the months since then, DART added a Park and Ride lot at the new Walmart in Grimes — a point noted by Mayor Armstrong in his letter.

He writes: “It was a very difficult decision for the City Council to write the first letter because of their beliefs and efforts towards regionalism and investment in the Des Moines Area Metro as a whole; however, ultimately they answer to their constituents and have to look out for their best interests. This new park and ride gives us a renewed sense that their investment is not only regional, but personal as well.

“As you are aware there have been numerous conversations and meetings in an effort to come to a resolution. As such, please pass on our appreciation for all of the hard work and effort that has been invested in this effort. The Park and Ride at Walmart was a big step in an effort to provide more immediate services to all of the citizens of Grimes. As the DART Commission works on the comprehensive plan, we look forward to even more advancements in this service area.”

Click here for the full agenda, which includes the letter from Grimes on page 34.