celebrity transit advocates?

Good morning, riders.

Rider Alexander Grgurich emailed an interesting story to thebusblog.ridedart.com this morning that raises an interesting question: Where are the celebrity public transit advocates?

Click here to read the article in Good.

In the piece, writer Alissa Walker focuses on the recent attention paid to actor Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell in “Mad Men,” and his preference for mass transit. He told a reporter with The New York Times Fashion & Style section that he doesn’t even own a car and spends time on the bus going over his line.

“It’s wonderful,” he is quoted as saying. “Instead of driving and being stressed out about traffic, you can work your scene, you can do your exercises or whatever on the bus. Everyone’s got their own deal.”

The bus blog wants to know: Any Iowa celebs who ride DART?

Nominations will be accepted.


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