des moines celebrity transit advocates? why, yes indeed

Good afternoon, riders.

To the question raised last week by a blog post shared by rider Alexander Grgurich, the bus blog has an answer: Yes, Des Moines does indeed have celebrity transit advocates.

The Nadas.

You may know Jason Walsmith as a singer and guitarist in the Des Moines band. He is also a freelance photographer on the side, and yesterday DART hired him to shoot photos of riders in buses, trolleys and RideShare vans to replenish its stock of photos for marketing materials, the website, et cetera.  (With thanks the volunteers who came out to be in the photos.)

Afterward, he shared this little tidbit: This year the band is touring the country by Amtrak rail, with one of the reasons being to draw attention to the effort to bring passenger rail to Des Moines.

Click here to visit The Nadas’ Facebook event page about the tour, which features living room concerts.

Does anyone know of a good living room in Des Moines that’s close to a DART line? Just asking …