two firsts: d-line runs ’til midnight — out to ingersoll

Good morning, riders.

And good news this Friday for those of you who like to stick around downtown after quitting time: For the first time since the D-Line’s launch in 2008, the free downtown shuttle will run well past 6 p.m., not stopping until midnight tonight. Also for the first time, the D-Line route will extend past the Western Gateway out along Ingersoll to 39th Street, starting at 5 p.m.

This is for a limited time only — for six weeks this fall.

And it’s only on Friday nights — today through December 3.

Still. With a free-to-ride shuttle coming by every 10 minutes, the walkable downtown has just been stretched 22 blocks to the west during some of the best times for shopping, eating out and, a-hem, having a good time. The D-Line won’t run out the Capitol on the east end after 6 p.m., but it’ll still go through the East Village. So you can ditch the car and still hit all of the best spots on both ends of downtown.

This, thanks to the Ingersoll Business Association and the Des Moines West Side Chamber of Commerce, which teamed with DART to offer the service.