ingersoll d-line gives 509 rides on first night

Good afternoon, readers.

The first night of ridership on the Ingersoll D-Line reached 509 — more than one passenger a minute from 5 p.m. to midnight.

Tomorrow evening is night two of the limited-time-only service, which extends the downtown D-Line shuttle west out onto Ingersoll Avenue to 39th each Friday night through December 3. On the east end, the shuttle turns around in the East Village, as opposed to the Capitol. It still runs on Grand and Locust through downtown, still runs every 10 minutes, and is still free to ride.

Your editor has been asked by reporters whether this is a test. The answer: DART launched the service because of the backing of the Ingersoll business community, but that being said, all options are on the table if the service is a success.

(An earlier version of this post had the headline “Ingersoll D-Line hits 509 riders on first night.” Your editor is deeply embarrassed by the poor choice of wording.)