truth or fiction: fat-fueled train, straddling buses, bullet buses


This is the week of hard-to-believe advances in transit technology, as three of equally unbelievable stories landed in the bus blog‘s inbox this week. Two are true — indeed, deemed two of the best inventions of the year by Time magazine. The other is pure satire.

But rather than spoil a good game worthy of “Bluff The Listener” on NPR’s “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!,” the bus blog is leaving you transit junkies to try to sort truth from fiction.

  • A new train between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas, is now running on 20 percent biodiesel made from rendered cattle fat.
  • A Chinese firm is developing “straddling buses” that literally straddle two lanes of vehicle traffic, carrying passengers in a carriage seven feet above the roadway, allowing the buses to pass cars from overhead.
  • Plans for high-speed train system in the United States may be scraped in favor of a fleet of high-speed buses that will drive along existing highways at speeds up to 165 miles per hour.

Can you guess which one is fiction? Click the following links to see if you are right.

Fat-fueled train.

Straddling buses.

Bullet buses.