Stats show B-cycle is off to a solid start

Good morning, readers.

Some impressive stats for you today from Des Moines B-cycle, only the fifth bicycle-sharing program in the country when it launched September 1.

DART received an update yesterday as a partner in the program (DART staff field B-cycle’s customer service calls). Highlights include:

  • 359 members
  • 736 trips
  • 6,018 pounds carbon offset
  • 253,398 calories burned
  • 13th and Grand is busiest kiosk
  • Very low vandalism — one slashed tire and two deflated tires

From the letter from Carl Voss of the Des Moines Bicycle Collective:

Our B-cycle program caught the eyes of many. From San Francisco and Seattle to Greenville and Boston, we filed calls from a variety of communities seeking our start-up advice. I can’t tell you how pleasing it was to share insights with Seattle, which will spend more money on consultants than we invested in a pilot program. In Des Moines, we just did it.

We have learned and adapted and are now ready to expand. When spring rolls around, we’d like to see 100 bikes and 10 or more kiosks — a real network — in downtown Des Moines. And yes, we’ve already fielded inquiries about a satellite network in West Des Moines.

DART has already committed to locating a B-cycle kiosk at the new Transit Hub when it opens in late 2012.