Seriously? A steering-wheel mount for your iPad?

Good afternoon, readers.

The Bus Blog’s inbox today received a newsletter from Go! that warrants a post  under the category of “worth checking out.” If you’re one to frown on drivers talking on their cell phones, you’re not going to believe this.

Go! is an online magazine marketed toward teens interested in careers in transportation, and is published by Iowa State University’s Institute for Transportation.  There’s plenty of good stuff to see, including a couple of contests for best viral video on the subject of distracted driving. Click here to check out them out.

But click on the page titled “blog,” and you come to this gem:

Is this guy serious? You’d like to think he was using absurdity to make a point about the myth of multitasking, but there’s not much irony in his voice that I can detect.

As a regular bus rider who recently acquired an iPad, I have to say that playing with the iPad during your commute is far more enjoyable — to say nothing of being safer for everyone on the road — when someone else is doing the driving.