Start thinking: What kind of transit do you want?

Good morning, readers.

Please join The Bus Blog in welcoming Transportation Management and Design to Des Moines for three days of … planning meetings.

Yes, yes. Sounds like a three-day snooze fest. Actually, it’s pretty interesting.

The consultants are helping DART through the DART Forward 2035 long-range planning study, which will ultimately result in a map for expanding public transit throughout the Greater Des Moines region for the next 25 years.

This week, the consultants are meeting with several local leaders in both the public and private sectors — DART Commissioners, mayors, council members, city managers, business executives, among others. They’re asking the local leaders to think big:

What kind of city do we want to grow?

Are we competing amongst ourselves or with other metros around the country?

Should transit be focused on moving commuters during peak times, or should it be more than that?

Are there corridors in the metro that could be built up as major transit lines?

Start thinking about the questions, because DART will be holding public meetings in the next couple of months to get your answers.