A little fun at DART’s expense, Marc Hansen style

Good morning, readers.

If you haven’t already, check out Des Moines Register columnist Marc Hansen’s column this morning about the effort underway to name the new transit hub. Click here for the full column.

True to Hansen’s style, he pokes a bit of fun at DART but keeps it in pretty good humor. From his opening:

For lack of anything better, the bus bosses at the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority have taken to calling it the “Sustainable Multi-Modal Transit Hub,” which wobbles off the tongue like a flat tire. It’s Marion Michael Morrison starring in a Hollywood western instead of John Wayne.

The jabs are pretty light throughout. The one at the end, a they-said-it-not-me allusion to past pedestrian accidents, stung a bit. But hey, DART can handle a good ribbing once in a while.

Especially on a warm winter day like today when nothing can seem to get you down. Enjoy the weather while it lasts!