Notes from the DART Forward 2035 public meetings

Good morning, readers.

Your editor has been utterly consumed in recent weeks with the planning, preparation and execution of the nine public meetings held across the metro last week about the DART Forward 2035 Recommendations. Now that they’re over, I hope to resume my regular posts to The Bus Blog.

A few notes from the public meetings:

  • We met with nearly 200 of you. Many were happy with the direction that the redesign of the transit system is taking. Others, not so much. DART is proposing big changes, and change is hard, especially on those who are affected most adversely. Our goal is for the new transit system to be a net gain, improving services for the most people possible.
  • These are draft recommendations. It is fair to say that the final Transit Services Plan will likely resemble the recommendations fairly closely. However, adjustments will mostly probably be made based on feedback from you, the loyal riders of DART. (Yes, we really are listening to your comments, emails and letters.)
  • Once finalized this fall, the Transit Services Plan would begin to be implemented in 2012.

If you haven’t already, spend a little time with the DART Forward 2035 Recommendations — click here to review them — and feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or concerns.


Gunnar Olson, DART Public Information Officer and The Bus Blog Editor


2 thoughts on “Notes from the DART Forward 2035 public meetings

  1. I would be very unhappy with DART if the western side of No. 5 is discontinued. Have you people ever tried to carry four or five bags of groceries about 5 blocks uphill in snow? The closest route I could to No. 3. Plus, getting to Merle Hay Mall would be another trip requiring at least 2 buses.

    I am also unhappy about the prospect of discontinuing service to Valley Junction. I go there several times a month and would have no way of doing so without the bus.

    I agree with Marty Mauk that it looks like DART is trying to limit service in the inner city area. Unfortunately, many of us are older, disabled, and without cars. We’ve chosen homes based on where the busses run. People who live in AAnkeny, western Urbandale or Waukee made that choice. If they want to ride the bus system they should move closer into town.

  2. I have doctor appointments at mercy franklin once a month. Discontinuing mid day service on route 5 would prevent me from getting to these appointments. My suggestion would be to run route 5 hour from 6 til 6 and discontinue weekend service on route 5

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