Crews prepare for demolition of old building on site of new DART Central Station

Good afternoon, readers.

If you’re like me you’ve been dying to see some action on the site of the new DART Central Station, the new transit center that will replace the Walnut Street Transit Mall. Unfortunately for onlookers, most of the work to date has been behind the scenes, including the environmental abatement of lead paint and asbestos in the old building.

Last week, crews with the Weitz Company began securing the site with fencing so that demolition can begin later this month. Your editor had the opportunity to stop by the site this week and snap a few pictures. Nothing dramatic, just evidence that work is in fact getting underway. There will be plenty more updates in the future so check back here. As of this date, the project remains on track to be complete in fall 2012.


2 thoughts on “Crews prepare for demolition of old building on site of new DART Central Station

  1. What a complete waste of $$$. Hasn’t DART learned that no one in their right mind wants to ride all the way downtown to get someplace yet? When it takes an hour to go from the Merle Hay area to the WDM area to work each day why would anyone ride the bus? It takes 20 minutes at the most by car. The idea of MASS TRANSPORTATION is that it is a service for the MASSES. Eliminating routes and areas covered is not a service. Get a clue DART, more buses, more routes is where your money should have been spent not a big building downtown where only a portion of the population of the area you profess to serve works.

  2. I totally agree with this comment – we don’t need a new building downtown – we need more buses serving the loyal customers who ride the buses that take us to and from work. After promoting the bus service for the last 20 years, I am now left to find alternate transportation with the new routes that eliminate buses through residential areas.

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