Bus Stop IDs, Explained

By now you’ve probably noticed the orange Bus Stop ID signs on DART bus stops – and wondered, “What are these?”ID number

The three- and four-digit numbers on the Bus Stop IDs, found below the DART bus stop sign, are the unique numbers assigned to every bus stop in the bus system. This number has numerous uses for riders, especially now that the MyDART Trip Planner BETA has launched.

You can use them to make sure you’re at the right stop. You also use this number to find out when the next bus is scheduled to arrive, find out if there are any alerts affecting your bus stop, or plan a trip from or to that bus stop. This ID number is referenced throughout DART and can even be used when calling a DART Customer Service representative for schedule information or reporting bus stop issues to DART staff.

tripplanner ID

You will find Bus Stop ID numbers throughout the trip planning products. For example, when you click on a bus stop, the MyDART Trip Planner will include the Bus Stop ID number. The bus stop ID Number is presented at the top of the information box. In this example, the bus stop at University Avenue & Cummins Parkway in Des Moines is #2615. 

The Google Maps trip planner also uses the bus stop ID when giving directions. In this example the bus stop ID is #2248 at Indianola Road & SE 14th Street in Des Moines.

google stop ID

You can verify that you are at the right bus stop when you arrive by looking for this number at the bus stop. The bus stop ID on the sign should match the trip planner directions.