Smarter Bus Schedules on your Smartphone

Your smart phone can give you smarter DART route schedules. The MyDART Trip Planner BETA not only provides you all the bus schedules – you can customize them based on your travel patterns. You can access any route schedule for the day you choose, whether it be a weekday, Saturday, Sunday or special service day. Customize the schedule to only show the bus stops you are interested in or narrow the time of day.

MyDART Mobile

1) Go to in your browser. 2) On your smartphone device, click on the DART logo on the upper left corner to navigate to all the MyDART mobile features which includes Trip Planner, Route Schedules, Next DART Bus and Bus Stop Finder. 3) Click on the “Route Schedules” link to get to the page.

Mobile Index

Schedule Select

4) To use the Route Schedules feature, simply select the date you wish to travel and route you are want the schedule for. 5) Then hit the purple button at the bottom that says “View Route Schedule.” The date will automatically open with the current day so you can easily use it when you need it. You can adjust the date if you are looking for future trips.

You have many options for viewing the schedule, including a certain span of time, the schedule between two bus stops, and maps of the route and desired bus stops.

Schedule Result

Looking for easy access to the Route Schedules feature? Bookmark the page to your home screen or in your browser. Check out these directions on how to bookmark pages on your smartphone:

More information about the MyDART Trip Planner, including a full user guide, is available on the DART Website. Click here to visit for more information.

How do you keep track of bus schedules? Do you download the pdf schedules, use the DART website, use printed brochures and the MyDART Book, or do you use the mobile trip planner features? Let us know!