Call Center Challenge

DART’s own Peg Hadley represented Greater Des Moines, Iowa, at the national Call Center Challenge in New Orleans in February. Peg Hadley did DART proud as a runner-up in the national finals.Hadley at Call Center Challenge

In the contest, actors pretend to be challenging transit customers who call in to the “Call Center” for help. The contestants answer the fictitious calls and are judge on how well they handle the caller. Hadley was one of only seven competitors to pass out of the first round of 60 people. As a result, she was invited to compete in the finals during the American Public Transportation¬†Association Marketing and Communications Conference in New Orleans. “Her ability to relate to our customers is amazing,” Customer Service Manager PJ Sass said. “She’s always pleasant and positive working with our callers. She is a tremendous asset to DART and the Customer Service Department.”

It was the first time DART was represented at the national contest, and Hadley turned in a stellar performance for her first national showing. The contest winner had competed in previous years.