Meet Scott, an engineer, frequent D-Line rider and Bike & Ride user

Scott BentsScott is passionate about transportation in Greater Des Moines – making it easier for people to walk, bike and use public transit.

Why do you ride DART? Why do you support public transportation?
I’ve slowly been adopting a “car light” lifestyle using a combination of bike commuting and public transportation. It saves me money, is better for my physical health, and improves my mental health, as well. On days that I have to drive, I definitely notice a difference in my attitude.

How do you think public transportation affects our community?
Public transportation makes it easier for all people to get to work, to church, to school. More and more people are realizing how ridiculously expensive it is to own and operate a car, and would prefer to spend their money on more important things. Personally, I have a 15-year-old car with over 200 thousand miles that I want to avoid replacing.

Why should others support public transit?
Even if you plan to never step foot on a bus, you should support a strong public transit system, because people riding public transit takes other cars off the road.

What are you involved in outside of work? What do you do for fun?
I am the Board President for the Des Moines Bike Collective. At the Collective we refurbish used bikes to give to people who can’t afford them, and teach people how to ride as well as maintain their bikes. We also promote bicycling as a means of transportation, wellness, and recreation. For fun I like build my own brazed steel bike frames, and have made several for myself.

Scott’s story is one of the many we’re telling on our way to 5 Million Rides. Learn more about DART’s 5 Million Rides goal here:


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