In a Van, I Can…

Name: Laural

Hometown: Nevada, IA

“The main reason I chose to participate in the RideShare program was to save money and wear and tear on my personal vehicle.  Not only that, but it helps protect our environment by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

I am the primary driver for my van and I think the thing I like the most is when the weather is bad and everyone thanks me for getting them safely to their destination.  I also, really enjoy meeting new people and the lively conversations we get into on our rides to and from work.


Anytime I talk to people about joining the van I always tell them about how much money they will save. I also make sure to mention that they can take advantage of their commute time by reading, watching a video, or even sleeping an extra 30-40 minutes in the morning.”

Laural’s story is one of the many we’re telling on our way to 5 Million Rides. Learn more about DART’s 5 Million Rides goal here: #5MillionRides