Another New Shelter

Check out the new shelter on Route 16 located at the intersection of Douglas Avenue & 50th Street. photo 2

This is the third new shelter to go up in the Des Moines metro area since last October. The next shelter scheduled to be installed is also on Douglas Avenue, near the VA Hospital. Have a suggestion for a bus stop that could use a shelter? Please leave a reply below.


Bus Stops now display on Google Maps

DART bus stops now display on Google Maps. This addition allows users to see locations of bus stops as well as get route information including what bus routes serve the stop and when the next bus is scheduled to arrive. A similar feature is also available on Bing Maps and the MyDART Trip Planner.

To view route and schedule information using Google Maps, simply click on the bus stop icon on the map.

Blog Google Stop

In the upper left, the transit card will display with the trip information along with a street view image. The transit card will tell you which bus routes stop at that stop, where the bus is headed, and the next scheduled times the bus will arrive.

This information is also available on the Google Maps app for mobile devices. Select a bus stop on the map and you will be able to pull up the bus schedules for that stop.

photo 1

photo 2

Do you use your mobile device to find bus schedules? What ways do you like to check to see when the bus is scheduled to arrive? Let us know by commenting on the post.

New Shelter at Southridge Mall

Riders of Routes 6 and 7 have another reason to celebrate the new year, with the installation of a brand new shelter at Southridge Mall.


This is the second new shelter installed by DART in recent months, and the first of many going up around the metro throughout 2014. Shelters will be installed as sites are selected and finalized. Have a suggestion for a bus stop that could use a shelter? Please leave a reply below.

Bus Stop IDs, Explained

By now you’ve probably noticed the orange Bus Stop ID signs on DART bus stops – and wondered, “What are these?”ID number

The three- and four-digit numbers on the Bus Stop IDs, found below the DART bus stop sign, are the unique numbers assigned to every bus stop in the bus system. This number has numerous uses for riders, especially now that the MyDART Trip Planner BETA has launched.

You can use them to make sure you’re at the right stop. You also use this number to find out when the next bus is scheduled to arrive, find out if there are any alerts affecting your bus stop, or plan a trip from or to that bus stop. This ID number is referenced throughout DART and can even be used when calling a DART Customer Service representative for schedule information or reporting bus stop issues to DART staff.

tripplanner ID

You will find Bus Stop ID numbers throughout the trip planning products. For example, when you click on a bus stop, the MyDART Trip Planner will include the Bus Stop ID number. The bus stop ID Number is presented at the top of the information box. In this example, the bus stop at University Avenue & Cummins Parkway in Des Moines is #2615. 

The Google Maps trip planner also uses the bus stop ID when giving directions. In this example the bus stop ID is #2248 at Indianola Road & SE 14th Street in Des Moines.

google stop ID

You can verify that you are at the right bus stop when you arrive by looking for this number at the bus stop. The bus stop ID on the sign should match the trip planner directions.

New shelters include better information

Communication is key. This is why DART has been working hard to better communicate with riders.

Route schedule and system information is now being installed in information panels at DART shelters all around the metro. Information displayed will include: map schedules for the route(s) that serve the shelter, a DART system map, fare information, and online trip planner information.

info panel 1 info panel 2

Other efforts have also been made to better inform DART riders, including the recent launch of the MyDART Trip Planner BETA, as well as route and schedule information being made available on Bing and Google Maps.

New DART shelters

Riders of Route 15 have a new shelter to go along with the new CVS Pharmacy at Euclid and 2nd Avenues.

The shelter is one of several that DART will be installing around the metro area. The shelters feature a sleeker and more modern design, resembling the architecture of DART Central Station. Keep your eyes peeled for other shelters to pop up around the metro in the near future.