June Schedule Changes

Starting this Sunday, June 8, 2014, schedule adjustments on the routes listed below will be implemented to better serve DART customers. Click routes to view new schedules.

Route 4       Route 6       Route 13       Route 16       Route 91       Route 95

New print schedules are available on buses now.DSCN6413

The next scheduled service change is Sunday, August 17, 2014.


In a Van, I Can…

Count the cattle.

Eat a breakfast sandwich with both hands.

And save 25% off three month’s fare.

Individuals who join a DART RideShare vanpool in April or May 2014 will receive a 25 percent discount on the first three month’s fare.

RideShare connects commuters who live and work near each other so they can share rides. Vanpoolers save money, use commute times more productively and reduce their carbon footprint. RideShare provides the van, gas and maintenance; you enjoy the ride.rideshare coupon

To join a vanpool, redeem a trial ride coupon or learn more, contact DART RideShare Customer Service today by phone at 515-288-RIDE (7433) or email at rideshare@ridedart.com.

Ride DART Routes 51 and 91 for Free in April


Individuals can take an unlimited number of free rides April 1-30 on both DART Local Route 51 – Merle Hay Crosstown and Express Route 91 – Merle Hay.

The month-long promotion aims to introduce residents to the expanding services available along the Merle Hay corridor. Local Route 51 was introduced in August as part of DART Forward 2035 Transit Service Plan and more directly connects Merle Hay Mall with downtown Des Moines. Both Local Route 51 and Express Route 91 connect major destinations along the Merle Hay Road, including employment opportunities, retail stores, restaurants, medical facilities, school campuses and DART Central Station.


Local Route 51 operates between Merle Hay Mall and DART Central Station (620 Cherry St., Des Moines), including destinations along Merle Hay Road. Buses depart from stops every 30 to 60 minutes on weekdays from approximately 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Express Route 91 operates between Johnston City Hall Park & Ride and downtown Des Moines. Buses depart from stops every 30 minutes on weekdays from approximately 6 to 8:15 a.m. and 4 to 6:30 p.m.

Call Center Challenge

DART’s own Peg Hadley represented Greater Des Moines, Iowa, at the national Call Center Challenge in New Orleans in February. Peg Hadley did DART proud as a runner-up in the national finals.Hadley at Call Center Challenge

In the contest, actors pretend to be challenging transit customers who call in to the “Call Center” for help. The contestants answer the fictitious calls and are judge on how well they handle the caller. Hadley was one of only seven competitors to pass out of the first round of 60 people. As a result, she was invited to compete in the finals during the American Public Transportation Association Marketing and Communications Conference in New Orleans. “Her ability to relate to our customers is amazing,” Customer Service Manager PJ Sass said. “She’s always pleasant and positive working with our callers. She is a tremendous asset to DART and the Customer Service Department.”

It was the first time DART was represented at the national contest, and Hadley turned in a stellar performance for her first national showing. The contest winner had competed in previous years.

Bus Stops now display on Google Maps

DART bus stops now display on Google Maps. This addition allows users to see locations of bus stops as well as get route information including what bus routes serve the stop and when the next bus is scheduled to arrive. A similar feature is also available on Bing Maps and the MyDART Trip Planner.

To view route and schedule information using Google Maps, simply click on the bus stop icon on the map.

Blog Google Stop

In the upper left, the transit card will display with the trip information along with a street view image. The transit card will tell you which bus routes stop at that stop, where the bus is headed, and the next scheduled times the bus will arrive.

This information is also available on the Google Maps app for mobile devices. Select a bus stop on the map and you will be able to pull up the bus schedules for that stop.

photo 1

photo 2

Do you use your mobile device to find bus schedules? What ways do you like to check to see when the bus is scheduled to arrive? Let us know by commenting on the post.

February 23rd Service Changes

Service-Changes-022314DART performs three seasonal adjustments to route schedules to improve the reliability of bus services. Over the past year, DART has experienced growth throughout the system as a result of a redesigned and expanded network of bus routes, the opening of DART Central Station, and the introduction of new technologies for trip planning.

On February 23, 2014, schedule times will be adjusted on Local Routes 3, 6, 7, 14, 16, 51 and 52. Schedules will also be adjusted on Express routes 98 and 99 and on the Grimes/NW Johnston On Call Route.

New schedules will be available on the buses beginning Wednesday, February 19, 2014 and are currently available at www.ridedart.com.

Smarter Bus Schedules on your Smartphone

Your smart phone can give you smarter DART route schedules. The MyDART Trip Planner BETA not only provides you all the bus schedules – you can customize them based on your travel patterns. You can access any route schedule for the day you choose, whether it be a weekday, Saturday, Sunday or special service day. Customize the schedule to only show the bus stops you are interested in or narrow the time of day.

MyDART Mobile

1) Go to mydart.ridedart.com in your browser. 2) On your smartphone device, click on the DART logo on the upper left corner to navigate to all the MyDART mobile features which includes Trip Planner, Route Schedules, Next DART Bus and Bus Stop Finder. 3) Click on the “Route Schedules” link to get to the page.

Mobile Index

Schedule Select

4) To use the Route Schedules feature, simply select the date you wish to travel and route you are want the schedule for. 5) Then hit the purple button at the bottom that says “View Route Schedule.” The date will automatically open with the current day so you can easily use it when you need it. You can adjust the date if you are looking for future trips.

You have many options for viewing the schedule, including a certain span of time, the schedule between two bus stops, and maps of the route and desired bus stops.

Schedule Result

Looking for easy access to the Route Schedules feature? Bookmark the page to your home screen or in your browser. Check out these directions on how to bookmark pages on your smartphone:

More information about the MyDART Trip Planner, including a full user guide, is available on the DART Website. Click here to visit for more information.

How do you keep track of bus schedules? Do you download the pdf schedules, use the DART website, use printed brochures and the MyDART Book, or do you use the mobile trip planner features? Let us know!