Shout out to Transit Riders Advisory Committee

Dear Readers:

A quick shout out from The Bus Blog to the Transit Riders Advisory Committee, made up of 13 especially dedicated DART riders. Every other month the TRAC members come together for a meeting with DART staff. They listen to presentations, give feedback, and make suggestions for improving DART.

They act as representatives of the ridership at large, not only from local and express routes and paratransit in Greater Des Moines, but also from the wider central Iowa region covered by DART’s RideShare program. They do a top-notch job of looking our for the interests of all riders. Today was the latest meeting, and it was abundantly clear that they care deeply about improving public transit service in Greater Des Moines and beyond.

Many thanks and a job well done, TRAC members.


applications sought for riders advisory committee

Good afternoon, readers.

DART needs a few good — and vocal — riders. Particularly those living in Ankeny, Johnston, Grimes, Polk City, Altoona or Mitchellville.

The two-year terms of the original members to the Transit Riders Advisory Committee, or TRAC, are set to expire at year’s end. While six of the original members still on the board are seeking reappointment, three are not. DART solicited applications earlier this year, from which some of the vacancies may be filled.

However, none of the applicants was from DART District 1, which includes Altoona and Mitchellville. Neither were any of the applicants from DART District 7, which covers Ankeny, Johnston, Grimes and Polk City.

If you live in one of these areas and want a TRAC application, please send an email to or call 515-283-8100. Applications are due Friday, November 26.

last day to apply for rider advisory board

Good morning, riders.

A reminder that today is the deadline to apply for DART’s rider advisory board, called TRAC. The board meets with DART staff every other month to share ideas, opinions and suggestions.

The application is available here. The text of the original press release follows:

DART Seeks Riders for Advisory Committee

Local bus riders who’d like to advise the commissioners and staff of the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority are encouraged to apply to the Transit Riders Advisory Committee.

Applications are available online at Riders can also request applications by emailing The deadline to apply is Friday, June 18.

There are currently three vacancies on the committee, including two at-large seats, meaning the committee members could live anywhere within the DART service area. The third open seat is for the DART Commission’s Region 6, which mirrors State Senate District 34 and includes Pleasant Hill, Carlisle and parts of Des Moines. However, DART encourages riders from any part of the region to apply, as these applications would be used to fill any future vacancies over the next year.

The committee meets downtown every other month. Meetings are typically held at 11:30 a.m. on the second Wednesday of the month.

The committee of volunteers was started in 2009 as a forum for riders to relay their needs and concerns directly to DART staff. The committee has 13 members who are appointed by the DART Commission members and General Manager Brad Miller.

The Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority is the public transportation provider that serves Polk County.  DART operates a family of transportation services that makes getting around the Greater Des Moines area easier and more convenient. For more information about DART services, schedules, route changes, or directions to the nearest DART stop, visit our website at or call 515.283.8100.